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Awareness campaign on microfinance

Millennium Development Goal 8 focuses on furthering an open, rulebased, predictable, non-discriminatory trading and financial system. Appui au Développement Autonome (ADA), the Luxembourg microfinance expertise, is engaged in awareness-building activities in the area of microfinance in Luxembourg. It organizes regular seminars in partnership with the Banque de Luxembourg and with the support of the Luxembourg Cooperation,in order to raise public awareness of the microfinance field in Luxembourg.

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Discover the Luxembourg Financial Centre Programme

The Agence de Transfert de Technology Financière

(ATTF) offers training and consultancy programmes in financial matters (including microfinance) in its partner countries or in Luxembourg. It also offers specific study visits to Luxembourg through a “Discover the Luxembourg Financial Centre” programme which focuses on general or specific topics related to the financial services and the financial sector. The final objective is to help strengthen the financial structure and to support sustainable development in the partner countries. ATTF cooperates with about 36 partner countries all over the world. In each of these, it has official counterparts which represent the whole banking or financial community of the country. Within the framework of its second objective, which is focused on institutional networking, the ATTF helps develop contacts and links between banks and bankers based in Luxembourg and in its partner countries/regions. It also participates in official missions abroad and in the reception of and presentations to official foreign delegations in Luxembourg.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Advocacy

MFA has been promoting microfinance over the past fifteen years by supporting and financing the activities of microfinance institutions and through advocacy efforts in international and national forums. Microfinance is prominently mentioned in the government programme for the period 2009 – 2014. The MFA is thus encouraged to reinforce its role as a facilitator and coordinator for microfinance and inclusive financial sectors in Luxembourg, and is open to exploring new initiatives in this field. Based on its recently published strategy, it is focusing on financial support for microfinance institutions, capacity and institution building, advocacy and research.

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