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FS Share

FS Share will identify financial sector best practices, aggregate these best practices, share them with missions, and then provide model scopes of work for financial sector development. FS Share is a mechanism that assists Missions to improve their financial sector activities. The dual overarching objectives are to: (1) Increase access to financial services, and (2) Develop well-functioning financial markets.

Moldova Business Regulatory and Tax Administration Reform Project (BIZTAR)

BIZTAR supports broad-based economic growth by reducing the costs of doing business and minimizing opportunities for corrupt practices. BIZTAR increases transparency and reduces administrative burdens in relation to business licensing, tax reporting, tax compliance, construction permitting, etc. Three additional focus areas are regulatory reform, tax and customs administration reform. Finally, BIZTAR works with the State Tax Service to increase information, efficiency and customer service.

Development Credit Authority (DCA)

DCA is a USAID entity that is used to stimulate lending through the use of partial credit guarantees. These guarantees, which cover up to 50% of defaults on loans made by private financial institutions, use the wealth that already exists in developing countries – money held in local financial institutions – to stimulate broad-based development that is truly sustainable. The guarantees have been used in a variety of ways, for example to support municipal lending in countries with recently legislated decentralization reforms; to enable health clinics to borrow money to invest in medical equipment; and to enable businesses and families to recover after natural or man-made disasters. In 2012 alone, Development Credit Authority approved 38 new partial credit guarantees to mobilize a record $700 million in commercial capital in 23 countries. For more information:

Technical Assistance: Honduras - Revenue Administration and Policy

The main components of the project are to: i) provide advice and recommendations on, operations and productivity of the Large Taxpayer Organization (LTO); ii) broaden the LTO Revenue Tax Base; iii) implement recurring collection programs; iv) review risk assessment/audits selection to provide the audit selection process for adequacy and transparency; and v) improve the audit through reengineering current case closing/appeal process. HR reforms focus on legislation, staffing, position management, pay reform, and performance management.