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Trade Capacity Building Programme (PRCC - Programme de Renforcement des Capacités Commerciales) – Global

The PRCC (a multi-thematic project which also include other TCB categories such as: Supply Capacity - Compliance Support Infrastructure – Market and Trade Information) was established in 2002 and during its first 3 years of operation, granted subsidies to approximately 40 projects. These projects included developing ecotourism in Mauritania, training Vietnamese trade advisors, establishing geographical indications in Cambodia and Laos and developing fair trade in Guinea. The programme was renewed for 3 years in 2006 and 2009 (PRCC2 and PRCC3) with funding, in subsidies, of up to €30 million. The program, which is now being renewed, is now co-financed by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Treasury and Economic Policy Directorate General (DGTPE) of the French Ministry of Economy, Finances and Industry. The programme is implemented by the French Development Agency (AFD) for the two Ministries mentioned before. The Framework Agreement focuses on building trade capacity in terms of activity, especially tangible growth in exports. Less advanced countries are targeted as priority to support them develop exports, increase competitiveness and create job, by complying better to international commercial rules and strengthening actors contributing to a stronger regional integration. Activities include for example; (i) bringing production and distribution conditions up to standard; (ii) improving standards and inspection systems; (iii) supporting business upgrading: (iv) and adapting support procedures to the export trade. For doing so, the programme focuses on building commercial capacity for exports in several ways. This includes: (i) grants to provide technical assistance, training and promote awareness; (ii) sector and feasibility studies; and (iii) funding of small teaching equipment.

Contact: AFD/MAE/Ministry of Economy (see contact details above)

Resource Centre for International Trade in Madagascar

AFD supports in Madagascar the creation and development of the Centre de Ressources pour le Commerce International (Resource Centre for International Trade), a private organization with a mission of general interest which includes the main chambers of commerce and professional organizations to provide the Malagasy economy an instrument of information and trade promotion. This initiative is accompanied by a support to “Cap Export” Fund which helps exporting companies in Madagascar.

Contact: AFD (see contact details above)