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Ex-Change are two non-profit organizations co-financed by DG D. Their aim is to improve entrepreneurship as a sustainable and powerful means of poverty reduction in developing economies. To attain this, it provides the target countries with entrepreneurial expertise and linkage to global networks from the North. To achieve the sustainable and measurable growth of local enterprises, Ex-Change wants to be the reference point in the direct exchange of knowledge and experience between the North and the target countries, with an emphasis on respect for people, profit and planet.

Ex-Change is active in Africa and Latin America and provides services in a wide range of economic sectors.

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Income Generating Activities in Coastal Regions – Kigoma, Tanzania

This project, funded by the Belgian Government and the Government of Tanzania, with a budget of €2,432,000, is jointly executed by the Belgian Technical Cooperation and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs in the Coast and Kigoma Regions. The project’s primary objective is to reach women and youth from the six districts in the Coast and Kigoma regions by developing an income-generating environment, improving dialogue between all the stakeholders involved in local economic activities, and creating awareness of new economic opportunities. It aims at developing local and district government capacity in pro-poor local economic development and at supporting and creating new structures to deliver services to small entrepreneurs, rural poor women and youth groups. The project focuses on providing support to government and non-government structures that enable potentially viable income generating activities to start and grow without depending on charity, on promoting innovative ways of furthering local economic development, and on capitalizing and sharing experiences in ways that contribute to better local policies.

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