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Business Partnerships Programme (BPP)

Austrian Development Cooperation launched its business partnership programme in 2003. This was previously two separate instruments, i.e. business and development partnerships. Run by the Business Partnership Office, based in the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the BPP brings together Austrian/European businesses to cooperate with companies in developing countries (B2B). The objective is to support and build the capacity, and thereby increase the competitiveness, of private sector companies in developing countries, in particular SMEs, by providing them with business development tools.

The BPP provides: (i) non-repayable assistance of up to 50 per cent of total direct project costs, though not exceeding €200,000; the private and public contributions together must total at least €100,000;

and (ii) non-repayable assistance for feasibility studies, amounting to up to 50 per cent of the funds allocated, though not exceeding €20,000.

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