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Trade-Related Assistance in the area of Trade Policy Development financed by France notably seeks to strengthen the negotiations capabilities of the developing countries in international or bilateral trade negotiations.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is one way of providing support for official trade services. For instance, the MAE has financed a technical assistant within the Cabinet of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Senegal to provide support for WTO and regional trade negotiations, and for the implementation of Senegal’s Trade policy.


Through the support it has provided to the NGO IDEAS Centre (more details under the profile of Switzerland), the MAE has also contributed to strengthening the negotiation capacities of Least Developed Countries in WTO negotiations, notably in the run up to the 8th and 9th ministerial conference.

WTO Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund (DDAGTF)

As indicated above, since 2005, France has contributed more than US$4 million to the DDAGTF, giving US$2.29 million in 2009, and more than CH600 000/year since 2010 to finance trade-related technical assistance to developing countries so that they are able to participate more effectively in the Doha Round of multilateral trade negotiations.

Technical Assistance/UNCTAD

As mentioned previously, the MAE has financed a technical assistant, at the office of the director for LDCs and special programs at UNCTAD.

Contact point for these activities: MAE (see above for contact details)