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Pacific Trade Facilitation

Under the Pacific Agreement for Closer Economic Relations (PACER), the New Zealand Aid Programme is supporting trade facilitation activities in the Pacific. This includes work in three areas: (i) customs procedures; (ii) sanitary/phytosanitary (animal and plant hygiene) requirements; and (iii) standards and conformance. The support to customs is via the Oceania Customs Organization (OCO) and aims to strengthen customs administrations and streamline customs procedures in Pacific Island Countries. The quarantine component aims to enhance the capacity of Pacific Island Countries’ quarantine services to establish sanitary and phytosanitary pathways for their agriculture exports. It is also helping to enable technically rigorous import risk analysis and the development of sound import conditions. For more information:

FAO/WTO Round Table Meeting

The New Zealand Aid Programme provides support towards for the participation of Pacific country representative to attend the Round Table Meeting (RTM) held annually in New Zealand. The overall aim of the RTM series is to increase awareness and understanding of multilateral and regional trade agreements and provisions relating to agriculture, fisheries and forestry. The RTM series promotes awareness of the implications of the multilateral trading system on the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors and, in particular, on agricultural and food trade in the region.