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Customs International Executive Management Programme (CIEMP)

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs and Border Protection) has been conducting the CIEMP for officers of regional customs administrations since 1989. This is one avenue through which Customs and Border Protection works closely with regional partner administrations to develop customs capacity and enhance border management processes. The course curriculum includes modules on trade facilitation and revenue collection.

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Pacific Customs Management Programme (PCMP)

PCMP is a management programme specifically designed for officials from Pacific customs administrations who have been identified as having potential for promotion. Its underlying philosophy is to identify and provide development opportunities for potential leaders of Pacific customs administrations to support long-term organizational change and improved regional relationships. PCMP is managed by Customs and Border Protection and, like CIEMP, includes a focus on improving trade facilitation. PCMP 2010 is principally funded through AusAID’s Public Sector Linkages Programme.

PNG Border Security Project (BSP)

This is a US$7.84 million Australian Government initiative, managed by

Customs and Border Protection and aimed at enhancing Papua New Guinea (PNG) Customs border security capabilities over a four-year period from 2007 to 2011. Whilst this programme has a strong border security focus, some trade facilitation benefits have been derived through upgrading cargo examination facilities and providing detection technologies and associated training.

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PNG-Australian Customs Twinning Scheme (PACTS)

PACTS is an AusAID-funded programme designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of PNG customs officers and Australian Customs and Border Protection officers. The scheme is managed by Customs and Border Protection, and exchanges focus on developing capacity and skills through operational training and awareness building in specific areas of customs management.

Twinning activities range from delivering training relating to border security to the operation of cargo x-ray equipment, which had been provided to the PNG Customs Service under the Border Security Project. The efficient operation of the cargo x-ray examination equipment will assist in streamlining trade facilitation processes by better targeting examinations and reducing processing times for cargo selected for examination.

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Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI)

As part of RAMSI, two Customs and Border Protection officers are embedded in the Solomon Islands Customs and Excise Division with the aim of improving revenue collection and border protection controls. Customs and Border Protection has been allocated US$7.35 million over a four-year period from 2009 to 2013 to deliver this initiative.

Strongim Gavman Programme (SGP)

The SGP is a whole-of-government engagement programme involving Australian Government agencies who provide capacity development assistance and advice to counterpart PNG Government agencies. Under this program, four Customs and Border Protection officers are embedded in the PNG Customs Service, providing assistance to strengthen governance arrangements, manage borders and facilitate trade and revenue collection.

Australia China Customs Partnership Program (through North Asia Public Sector Linkages Programme)

Works to develop best practice in trade facilitation and security by accelerating the modernisation of border management in China ($272,000 over 2012 to 2013)

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Trade Logistics Programme – Caribbean

Funding ($1.5 million over 2011 to 2013) provide a more systematic approach to lower the cost of trade in the Caribbean through better customs and border control cooperation, and consultation with the private sector.