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(IFC-PENSA II) Indonesia

The PENSA II project is helping stakeholders empower themselves into better livelihoods through the provision of support/resources, knowledge, new capacity, and ultimately forging productive partnerships in the private sector. IDG is supporting two programmes: Agribusiness and Investment Climate. The agribusiness objective is to promote sustainable and inclusive business practices by building agribusiness (cocoa & peanut industry production) linkages between smallholders and firms and by supporting the creation of viable forest plantations and degraded lands. The Investment Climate objective is improving the business enabling environment in supporting Indonesia’s drive for competitive economic growth through private sector development. For more information:

Pacific Business Mentoring Programme (PBMP)

The Pacific Business Mentoring Programme aims to help Pacific businesses grow their capability. Business mentoring is a process whereby an experienced, knowledgeable entrepreneur or senior manager provides support and advice to another business owner over a period of months or years. Implemented in partnership with Business Mentoring New Zealand (BMNZ), this programme is intended to provide measurable improvements in business governance, profitability, and sustainable economic growth in the Pacific region. For more information:

Samoa private sector development

The NZAID programme provides around US$ 500,000annually towards initiatives that support private sector development in Samoa and improve livelihoods through increased job creation: the Private Sector Support Facility (PSSF) and Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC). The PSSF is a partnership initiative with the Government of Samoa and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to provide contestable funding support to build the private sector as an engine of economic development through internal and external trade. SBEC was established in 1994 to encourage the development of small business in Samoa. It provides advisory services and training to small business and administers a small business loan guarantee scheme with the aim of expanding the private sector. For more information:

Pacific Regional Livelihoods Programme

This programme builds on existing work with Oxfam’s long term partner in Samoa, Women in Business Development Incorporated (WIBDI) . WIBDI’s effectiveness in supporting small rural farmers to become organically-certified producers is well known. This Activity will expand the existing programme through the organics network in the Pacific, particularly in Tonga and Vanuatu in this phase and later into other countries. Tonga National Youth Congress (Tonga) and Farm Support Association (Vanuatu) have been appointed as the focal point for organics in their respective countries, with administrative and technical help from WIBDI. These local producer organisations will support growers through regular training, field visits and mentoring to become organically-certified producers, thereby playing a key role in coordinating and facilitating farmers to access markets. Implementation will be through the local partners in Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu with technical support on organics and fair trade provided by WIBDI and regional organisations such as the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and the Pacific Organics and Ethical Trade Community (POETCom), as well as linkages with other organisations such as the Fairtrade Association of Australia and New Zealand, Trade Aid, and Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission.

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