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Increasing Rice Seed Production Project − Laos

Korea provided Laos with almost US$ 500,000 to set up a system to manage rice seeds and transfer farming technology. The objective of the project was to assist the Ministry of Agriculture in improving the quality of rice seeds in Laos as a way to raise farmers’ income. Carried out by KOICA, the project consisted of: (i) the provision of facilities (US$ 220,000), i.e. farming equipment, etc.; (ii) construction of an agricultural centre (US$ 120,000); (iii) education and training (US$ 140,000), which included technical assistance in seed management and farming machinery management; and (iv) courses in operating farming machinery, etc.

Irrigation Facility and Agriculture Mechanization Project – Tanzania

Korea funded a project for mechanizing the agricultural sector in Tanzania through KOICA, from 2007 to 2009. The objective of the project was to improve agricultural productivity and raise incomes in the region of Morogoro by procuring irrigable land for development and by recovering old sites. The project’s overall aim was to transfer new agricultural technology and foster the region as a model of modernization. Specifically, the project: (i) strengthened and improved the irrigation facility and the irrigation channel supply facility; (ii) supplied agricultural equipment, such as harvesters and tractors, for farm modernization; and (iii) provided courses in managing the irrigation facility and in crop cultivation.

Potato Production Technology Assistance Project – Algeria

This is a US$ 1.8 million project funded by Korea over a two year period (2007 – 2009) through KOICA. The project’s goal was to solve Algeria’s food problems and contribute to raising farmers’ incomes by: (i) delivering seed potato production technology; and (ii) establishing an experiment laboratory to enhance agricultural productivity and achieve seed potato export replacement. The components of the project were: (i) construction and design: tissue culture laboratory, cultivation facility, blight inspection room, storage facility, etc.; (ii) provision of equipment: tissue culture, nutriculture, blight inspection equipment, etc.; (iii) sending in experts in seed potato production (nutriculture, blight inspection, breeding inspection, tissue culture, pure-breed production); and (iv) providing training in tissue culture, nutriculture, blight inspection, pure-breed production and breed cultivation.

Poultry Processing Project – Angola

Korea provided financial assistance to Angola in 2007 to construct a poultry processing facility in Malanje Province in the form of a loan of US$30 million from its Export-Import Bank (Korea Eximbank). Other supply-related projects in Angola included an agricultural modernization project (US$31.4 million), the establishment of an advanced technology centre (US$46 million) and an ICT infrastructure project (US$35 million).

Technology Development Center Extension Project − Kenya: In 2007 Korea funded a US$10.74 million centre for technology transfer. The objective of the project was to nurture a skilled labour force which would contribute to Kenya’s economic development by supporting the Industrial Technology Training Center.

Textile Technology Training Aid Project − Guatemala: Korea carried out a US $ 800,000-project from 2005 to 2006 in Guatemala to establish a textile technology training center. Implemented by KOICA, the project aimed to expand production and increase employment opportunities in the Guatemalan textile industry. The project provided: (i) utilities (US$ 510,000): customs, fabrics, electricity, production management, and educational utilities for engineering training; (ii) fellowships (US$ 100,000): four engineering trainers; (iii) experts (US$ 130,000): four engineering experts; and (iv) others (US$ 60,000): project management.

Other projects in this category include :

  • Monkol Borey Dam Development Project – Cambodia
  • Sala Ta Orn Dam Development Project – Cambodia
  • Development of Karian Multipurpose Dam Project – Indonesia
  • Wajo Agricultiral Products Development Center Project – Indonesia
  • Irrigation Facility Development Programme – Mali
  • Markala Sugar Cane Farm Development Project – Mali
  • Jalaur River Multi-purpose Dam Project – Philippines