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Irish Fairtrade Network’s initiatives

Irish Aid is one of the largest donors to the fair and ethical trade systems through the Irish Fairtrade Network and since 2006 Irish Aid has provided grants of over €20m to the Irish Fairtrade Network (IFTN) in support of producers in developing countries and development education work in Ireland. Irish Aid is funding two Fairtrade programmes – one in Central America and the other in East Africa.

The Central America programme supports agricultural producers in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. The East Africa programme supports agricultural producers in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. The programmes assist producers working with tea, coffee, cut flowers, tropical fruits and other agricultural products. This funding provides support to enable producers to meet acceptable quality, social and environmental standards and to access markets in Ireland and elsewhere.

Sales of Fairtrade Mark products in Ireland continue to grow and in 2011 amounted to €159 million, an increase of 16% on 2010. The figure for 2010 was €138 million an increase of 17% on 2009.

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