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Cotton Made in Africa

This is a BMZ-funded initiative, implemented through a consortium of partners. The programme focuses on Benin, Burkina Faso and Zambia. Its objective is to provide cotton farmers with agricultural training focused on environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods in order to increase yields, quality and productivity and profitability.

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Kenya Private Sector Development in Agriculture

This BMZ-funded programme supports reforms that will improve the coordination of the sector, increase the transparency and effectiveness of public spending, and create an enabling environment for agribusiness development. It applies a business-oriented value chain approach that assists actors along the value chain (input suppliers, farmers, traders, processors and retailers, and the final consumers) to secure the best possible value at all stages of production, processing, trading and consumption. The programme also promotes development partnerships with the private sector to support actors within given value chains. It also organises cooperation between public and private agricultural extension services and seeks to expand the services provided by producers and processors’ associations. To increase the use of environmentally-friendly technologies and to reduce adverse impacts on the environment, the programme promotes biogas plants and fuel-efficient woodstoves.

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Rural production and trade

The programme for the promotion of market-oriented agriculture in Ghana is strengthening the competitiveness of agricultural producers in national, regional and international markets. Thus, rural producers of citrus fruits, mangos, guinea fowl and aqua farming, etc., are being supported by the strengthening of their integration in value-adding chains; the structures of agricultural associations are being reinforced; and officials at the macro level are being advised on how best to establish favourable framework conditions to foster trade.

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Thai-German Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness

This BMZ-funded programme, with the Thai International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA) as lead agency, supports enterprise competitiveness with a particular focus on promoting SMEs using a market development approach. The programme consists of two components: improving the access of SMEs to business and financial services and stimulating the ecoefficiency of industry.

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