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Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS III) – Tanzania47

This is a DANIDA-funded programme which supports accelerated and equitable broad-based export-oriented growth in Tanzania’s business sector. The programme runs from 2008 to 2013 and is built around 3 key activities: (i) improving the business environment by setting up an enabling regulatory and institutional framework for the business sector; (ii) gaining better access to market through the improved participation of Tanzania in international markets; and (iii) developing micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) to enhance their contribution and that of commercial agriculture. A multi-thematic programme, BSPS III is a follow-up to Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS II) Market Access Programme, which ran from 2003 to 2008 and focused on: (i) building capacity for trade negotiations; (ii) improving market access; and (iii) building SME competitiveness.

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IFU joint venture with Motorcare Uganda Ltd

IFU has entered into a joint venture with Motorcare Uganda Ltd., a well-established motorcar company which provides various repair services in the auto industry sector. The joint venture is based on the sale of cars, as well as maintenance and repairs. The total investment for this company was US$7.98 million, of which IFU has invested approximately US$2.15 million. Under a DANIDA PSD Programme, the project also receives funding for training and technical assistance to upgrade staff qualifications at garages and warehouses. In addition, the programme provides extensive funding for initiatives to improve the external environment and the working environment in connection with the move to new premises. Kjaer Group (a shareholder of Motorcare Uganda) and DANIDA have also initiated a project under the Ugandan Public Private Partnerships programme to implement, in Motorcare Uganda, the 10 principles of good corporate citizenship under the UN’s Global Compact. This project also includes the company’s subsidiaries in Mozambique and Sierra Leone.

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Mixed Credit Programme (Global)

A Danish mixed credit is an interest-free or low-interest loan, typically with

10 years’ maturity, aimed at financing supplies of equipment and related services for development projects within a number of sectors, including water and sanitation, energy, infrastructure, health, environment and education. Approximately US$62.74 million is allocated annually for interest subsidy and related financial costs. The Mixed Credit Programme comprises a tied mixed credit facility available in DANIDA’s programme countries and other relatively creditworthy countries with a GNI per capita of less than US$2,964 (2008/09 and, additionally, an untied mixed credit facility available only in DANIDA’s programme countries and South Africa.

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Support to Private Sector Development (SPSD II) – Ghana

This is the second phase of DANIDA’s Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS), which runs from 2010 to 2014. The total budget for the programme is approximately US$71.71 million. The overall development vision of SPSD II is defined as “Creation of sustainable and decent jobs”; it supports the Government of Ghana’s Private Sector Development Strategy. The focus in the programme will be on two components: (i) the business environment, with the strategic objective of improving the conditions for business, including enhanced local and foreign investor confidence; and (ii) broad-based enterprise growth and job creation, with the strategic objective of increasing productivity and employment.Besides the Government of Ghana, the SPSD II is supported by AGRA, USAID, EU, Apex Bank and others.

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Uganda Growth Programme (U-Growth)

This €43 million joint DANIDA, EC, Sida and Belgium-funded programme, led by DANIDA, supports accelerated and equitable agribusiness-based growth in Uganda. It responds to Uganda’s competitiveness agendas and strategies by applying value-chain approaches from productionto markets. The programme runs from 2010 to 2013. The U-Growth programme is built around three components: (i) public sector agriculture, where the investment plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries is supported; (ii) rural transport infrastructure, where support is given to the Government’s investment programmes for a rural roads network as a means of improving access to markets; and (iii) the Agribusines Initiative, where a trust fund has been established from which support is provided to financial services, business development services, and export-oriented standards and SPS activities – primarily to financial institutions, MSMEs, and farmers’ institutions. The Trust is established as an institution that can receive and manage funds from other development partners or institutions in the future. The U-Growth follows on from more than ten years of DANIDA’s support to the roads and agriculture sectors in Uganda.

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