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Beekeeping Improvement Project – Tanzania

This project, funded by the Belgian and Tanzanian Governments, was launched in April 2007 and was jointly executed by the Belgian Technical Cooperation and the District of Rufiji, Kigoma and Kibondo, with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism as a partner. The project, budgeted at €1,634,140, is an example of the type of project supported by Belgium in supply capacity buildingIt met its objective, which was to improve the income generating capacity of beekeepers through better commercialization of their product, improvement in production through training in modern beekeeping methods, the provision of technical advisors to beekeepers, and the establishment of a functioning market for bee products. The project also improved access to finance by improving microfinance structures.

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CenfroCafe – Peru

CenfroCafe is an association of small coffee producers operating in an extremely poor part of northern Peru. Founded 10 years ago by a group of family producers, it has become the fourth largest coffee producers’ organization in Peru. As of 2009, the Belgian Technical Cooperation has funded a €208,800 project (over 3 years), under its Producer Support Programme, which is implemented by the Trade for Development

Centre. The project focuses on strengthening and increasing the production capacity of farmers in order to raise their income. Its activities are: (i) the development of a chain of cafes; and (ii) the promotion of organic and high-quality coffee on the national market. The project benefits 2,091 small producers who are partners of CenfroCafe and who work together within the organization on the organic coffee production chain and the marketing of that coffee through a system of fair trade.

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Development of Dairy Farming – Vietnam

This project was launched in February 2005, and is funded by the Belgian Government and the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It is executed by the Belgian Technical Cooperation and the Department of Livestock, with the participation of the Department of Agricultural and Rural Development and the local authority at provincial, district and communes and village level. The project targets the provinces of Ha Noi, Winh Phuc, Ha Tay, Bac Ninh, and Ha Nam and. The Belgian Government is financing €2 million, the Vietnamese contribution is €240,310, and the Counter Value Fund is contributing €639,360. The objective of the project is to contribute to the realization of the Vietnamese National Dairy Development Program in Hanoi and its four surrounding provinces. It aims to increase dairy production and strengthen the institutional capacity of the Government to support the dairy sector. The project facilitates access to expertise towards improving the quality of dairy products, increasing production and improving collection practices.

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Development of Traditional Fishing and Aquaculture − Democratic Republic of Congo

This project is funded by the Belgian Directorate General for Development Cooperation and is being executed by the Belgian Technical Cooperation in partnership with the DRC Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The project was launched in November 2007 in the Province of Katanga at a cost of €5 million. With the overall objective of contributing to food security and poverty alleviation in the Katanga Province, it aims to develop a sustainable fishing industry comprising both fishing and aquaculture on the Congo River, its tributaries and neighbouring lakes while limiting the environmental impact. The project provides training, technical support, and infrastructure improvement to the industry.

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Producer Support Programme

This programme is supported by the Trade for Development Centre (TDC). It aims, through the provision to its target beneficiaries of small grants, to support small-scale farms and micro and small enterprises in developing countries in their efforts to benefit locally from global trade. Specifically, the programme aims to increase professionalism among small-scale producers and their organizations engaged in fair trade or sustainable trade and to enhance their access to markets by providing them with information (on labels, certification schemes, markets) and strengthening their organizational capacities and technical and production skills.

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Supply Chain and Logistics Development Programme (SCLP) – SADC

This project is autonomously financed by the Flemish Government and is coordinated and implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC). It runs in three countries of the SADC-region: South-Africa, Mozambique and Malawi. Due to the unequal level of economic development in the beneficiary countries, ITC is applying a flexible and differentiated approach: in South Africa the project aims to assist small producers of fresh fruit and vegetables in accessing international markets; in Mozambique, it targets local exports to supermarkets in South Africa; and in Malawi, its objective is to develop local markets in order to improve production by small agricultural producers and create competitive business value chains. The total Flemish funding amounts to €1 million.

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