Physical Trade Infrastructure > Switzerland

SECO’s infrastructure financing aims at providing reliable, sustainable and climate-friendly infrastructure to the economic sector and to the population in order to support the economic growth of the beneficiary country and its supply capacities. More specifically, in the energy/electricity sector, SECO supports the physical infrastructures and institutional strengthening to ease the integration of the partners in their regional energy sector, in particular for the electricity trade.

Selected projects:

  • Serbia: Rehabilitation of the National Control Center (key electricity dispatch center for the Western Balkan region, essential to enable Serbia to play its role in the energy trade)
  • Albania: Dam Safety Programme (a continuation of the physical rehabilitation of the electricity production Infrastructure - gives Albania the means to be a reliable and credible peak (hydro) power producer in the Western Balkan region)
  • Central Asia – Water-energy Nexus Study. (This study will give the countries of the region a reliable basis for establishing a trade in energy and water, as well as ensuring their energy security throughout the year).