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Seminar on Management and Financing for the Road Sector of Mozambique

Organization of a seminar on Strategic Planning and Operational Management, in the framework of a development project aimed to develop a model of Management and Financing for the Road Sector of Mozambique (Instituto Nacional de Infra-Estruturas Rodoviárias of Portugal and Administração Nacional de Estradas of Mozambique). 2011. For more information: E-mail:

Concessional loans - Cape Verde and Morocco

Portugal has extended concessional loans to Cape Verde and Morocco, which have been used to finance the construction and rehabilitation of harbors and other related infrastructure projects. The amounts disbursed are the following: Cape Verde € 23.6 million/2010; € 49.9/2011; € 37.1 million/2011; Morocco € 65.9 million/ 2008 and € 13.4/2009).

Improvement of trade infrastructure through renewable energy:

The following projects aims to improve the trade infrastructure through renewable energy:

Renewable Energy Community Program in Bambadinca, Guinea-Bissau. The program aims to provide the Bambadinca population with access to electricity through renewable energies and introduce a sustainable energy management model. The cost involved from 2009 to 2012 amounts to € 229,265.

  • Setting up Solar Photovoltaic Systems/Equipment in Mozambique – the project will equip schools, health centers and associated facilities in 50 remote villas in all of the country’s provinces with solar photovoltaic systems. The cost of the project amounts to about € 2 million.
  • Renewable Energy Atlas for Mozambique – renewable energy sources mapping and evaluation, including wind, water, solar, geothermic, biomass and waves. Project costs 2011/2012 total nearly € 1.664 million.
  • Maintenance of the Navigation Visual Aid Networks in São Tome and Principe, which includes support and maintenance of the lighthouses network in the country. Amount disbursed 2009/2012 totals € 140, 932.

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