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Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF)

The Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF) is a US$200 million multi-donor facility being jointly developed by Australia, New Zealand, the ADB and the World Bank Group t better coordinate existing and planned assistance to infrastructure services in the Pacific region, including in transport, water and sanitation, energy and telecommunications. The Facility will assist with much needed investments in infrastructure as well as in meeting the longer-term challenges of maintaining and managing infrastructure. A core component of PRIF will be the delivery of technical assistance for infrastructure to the Pacific island Countries. For more information:

Tuvalu Ship to Shore project

This project receives funding of US$4.2 million through the New Zealand Aid Programme and will be implemented by the Government of Tuvalu over a five-year period with support from New Zealand. The project aims to “improve the quality, safety and cost effectiveness of the transport services to the outer islands”, making safety improvements for the transfer of passengers from ship to shore and speeding up transport operations to the outer islands of Tuvalu through improvements in cargo packaging and handling.

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