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The Mesoamerican Integration and Development Project (MIDP) is a proposal developed by 10 Mesoamerican countries to strengthen regional integration and promote the economic and social development of the participating countries. The objective is to improve conditions and human prosperity for the region’s population.

Within the MIDP’s actions, which have had a positive impact on trade capacity in Central America, in 2012 the Mexican government granted financial support through the Infrastructure Fund for Central American Countries and the Caribbean. Resources of US$88 million were approved in 2012 to complete the following projects:

  • A credit was given to Honduras for US$49 million, through the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), for the construction of the road Villa San Antonio–Goascorán sections IA and IB – a stretch of highway that is part of the Dry Canal of the International Road Network of Mesoamerica (RICAM).
  • Nicaragua was awarded enhanced funding of US$38.6 million for the rehabilitation and improvement of the road section Empalme Nejapa–Empalme Puerto Sandino, a component of the Pacific Corridor of the RICAM. The funding was awarded through the BCIE.
  • Belize was granted a simple donation of $7 million pesos for the construction of a road of 551 metres and its confinement with 1,720 meters of chain link. This will operationalize the new border port of Chac-Temal between Mexico and Belize in the first quarter of 2013.