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Transport corridors – Namibia

In Namibia the former fishing port of Walvis Bay was expanded into an international container and general cargo terminal with the help KfW, using funds from BMZ. An efficient transport infrastructure is an indispensable prerequisite for economic growth, high transport costs on the other hand hamper regional cooperation and participation in globalisation. Particularly in poor countries, growth is stifled by inadequate or non-existent infrastructure. High import and export duties and long delays in border clearance often exacerbate the situation. Only through transport infrastructures such as seaports and airports, efficient roads and railroads can a country trade with neighbours and the world and diversify its economy in the first place. Walvis Bay now forms a key node to global trade for three important transport corridors that connect Namibia and the port with the neighbouring states of Angola, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa.

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Markets – Bangladesh

In Bangladesh only 13 per cent of the roads are weatherproof. This has dire consequences. Trade nearly comes to a stand-still during the rainy season. In the northern districts of Bangladesh (where the poverty rate is particularly high), KfW Entwicklungsbank carries out a transportation project together with the Asian Development Bank (ADB). BMZ funds are invested into upgrading rural roads and markets in order to make them usable throughout the entire year: paving rural roads, weather-proof upgrading of markets, maintenance or construction of bridges. The works are carried out by small entrepreneurs, creating jobs for the local population. The success of this approach is evident: commodity sales on the markets in the project districts partly have more than doubled, whereas transportation costs have reduced significantly. Average income in the districts has risen considerably – for 6.5 million people in the project district living conditions have improved notably.

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