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Mekong Transport Infrastructure Development Project77

The objective of this project is to help increase trade in targeted economic corridors by reducing transport costs for businesses, farmers and the poor. The project does so by reducing key physical and institutional bottlenecks in the main transport corridors (roads and waterways) in 13 provinces of the Mekong Delta. This project runs from 2007 to 2013, with a co-funding of US$48 million from AusAID.

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Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF)

The Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF) is a multidonor facility developed jointly by Australia, New Zealand, the ADB and the World Bank Group to better coordinate existing and planned assistance to improving infrastructure services in the Pacific, including in transport, water and sanitation, energy and telecommunications. Australia will contribute US$127 million in 2008-12. The Facility will assist both with much needed investments in infrastructure and with meeting the longer-term challenges of maintaining and managing infrastructure. A core component will be the delivery of technical assistance for infrastructure to the Pacific Island Countries.

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Transport Sector Support Program (PNG)

Australia is focusing its support to the transport sector on the maintenance and rehabilitation of 16 national priority roads. This assistance includes direct funding assistance for road maintenance, building the PNG Government’s capacity to manage and deliver transport infrastructure, and support to ensure that maritime and aviation transport systems are safe and secure. The current phase of the program is scheduled to end in 2012, and it is expected to move straight into another five-year phase (2011 to 2013, $65 million per annum).

Domestic Maritime Support Project (Solomon Islands)

Contribution made ($4 million over 2012 to 2014) to an ADB-led project to improve the safety and efficiency of domestic maritime transport services. Australian funds are directed to rebuilding or rehabilitating six provincial wharves.

Rural Access to Development for Tarin Kot (RAD-TK) (Afghanistan)

Supporting the National Rural Access Program (NRAP) to construct and rehabilitate roads and bridges in Uruzgan. The project is expected to deliver 25km of gravel roads, 110 drainage structures (eg, culverts and retaining walls), one 85 metre long bridge generating over 80,000 labour days ($2.97 million over 2009 to 2013).