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Promoting entrepreneurship technical training

Portugal has been supporting UNIDO’s activity in African Portuguese Speaking Countries. A contribution of Portugal to UNIDO, in the amount of € 1 million, is helping to set up One Stop Shops in the districts of Lumbo and Mossuril and to promote entrepreneurship technical training. This intervention in the Mozambique Island and Moussuril District aims to boost economic activity and foster private sector development and business-related opportunities.

Supporting entrepreneurship courses in secondary school curricula in Angola

Through its contribution to UNIDO, Portugal has also been supporting the introduction of entrepreneurship courses in secondary school curricula in Angola. The project has initially targeted about 40 schools (pilot phase) in different provinces and it also includes teachers’ training and training of technical staff from the Ministry of Education, including from the Secretary of State for Higher Education and other government entities. So far about 2.400 students have benefited from this entrepreneurship projects. The aim is to broaden the project’s scope to include these changes at the national level.

Financing a Master’s Programme in Mozambique on hydraulics and water resources

Portugal is financing a Master’s Programme at Eduardo Mondlane Univerity, in Mozambique, on hydraulics and water resources, with the aim of increasing the number qualified local professionals that can teach, design projects and carry out other activities, both at the academic level as well as in the field of hydraulic infrastructure. The cost involved in financing this initiative amounted to € 93,136.