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DECP intervention in developing countries

DECP (the Dutch Employers’ Cooperation Programme) is a public- private organization, funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has organized a number of capacity building activities for business organizations in developing countries. As part of its portfolio of projects, DECP fields fact-finding missions to, for example, Burundi, Serbia, and Nigeria; in 2008 it provided advisory services to the Suriname Trade and Industry Association (VSB). Similar activities are organized in other major developing country partners of the Dutch Government‘s development cooperation.

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Developing your Business database

This is a tool developed by NL Agency. The database provides information on subsidies and grants, support for import and export activities, investments, finding experts, research facilities, networking, training and other related websites. The search function enables search by country and by keyword.

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Export Coaching Programme (ECP)

The ECP, launched by the CBI in 2004, is expected to run to 2014. It aims to assist producers and exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables in developing countries enter the European market and establish sustainable trade relationships with European buyers. Through a step-by-step approach, selected companies are provided with: (i) market information in the form of market surveys published by CBI; (ii) business coaching in production, quality control, management, export marketing and market entry; and (iii) the organization, to foster market entry, of collective trade fair participation in a leading trade fair in Europe. This is a demand-driven programme which requires a onetime payment of a non-refundable commitment fee of €1,000 to CBI.

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Marketing, research and export promotion training: The CBI provides partner countries with a menu of different training programmes all year long, ranging from market research to export promotion. Below is a list of the current training programmes run by CBI:

Marketing, research and export promotion training

Training programmes − Business Support Organizations (as marketed by CBI)

  • Export Marketing Training − Introduction (FAME) − Knowing and understanding the EU market.
  • Export Marketing Training − Advanced (CAPITA) − Writing a sector export marketing plan for the EU.
  • Market Intelligence Training (Market Intel) − Providing exporters with the latest updates on the EU market.
  • Commercial Attachés Training – Supporting exporters and business support organizations (BSOs) in increasing their exports to the EU Market.
  • EU Market Access Requirements Training (MASTER) − Providing exporters with the latest information on EU market access requirements.
  • CBI Network Conference (TOPIX).
  • Trade Fair Participation Training (IntFair) − How to prepare for (group) participation in a European trade fair.

Training programmes – Exporters (as marketed by CBI)

  • CBI Sector Workshops − CBI sector workshops in each country.
  • Export Marketing Plan − How to write an export marketing plan for the EU.
  • Market Access Requirements – Which EU market access requirements apply to this sector?
  • Trade Fair Participation − Trade fairs in Europe: An effective tool or just an expensive way to increase exports to the EU?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility − Seizing business opportunities in the EU through corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • e-Business − What e-opportunities exist for the EU market?
  • Website Promotion – A company’s website: an essential marketing tool for the EU.
  • Market Research − How to conduct market research on EU markets on the Internet.

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