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EU’s Export Helpdesk for developing countries (EH)

The EH is an online service launched by the European Commission in 2004. Its purpose is to ensure that developing countries’ exporters get the maximum information and assistance to export to the EU market. In this way EH aims to facilitate market access to the EU for these countries and thereby boost their exports.

This free and user-friendly service provides developing countries’ exporters, importers, trade associations and governments with the following services: (i) requirements and taxes (requirements to import to and market goods in the EU, internal taxes applicable in every EU country, product-specific legal or market requirements); (ii) import tariffs (import duties, preferential regime which applies to each country preferential and non-preferential tariff quotas, import licences, anti-dumping measures); (iii) preferential arrangements (EU’s main trade agreements with developing countries, documents that must accompany exports, rules of origin exporters must meet); (iv) trade statistics (trade flows between the EU and third countries by year and for any product or group of products with a 2- to 8-digit code, imports and exports expressed in value and/or quantity or supplementary quantity); (v) business contacts ( EU and national trade authorities, international trade bodies, market places and business directories); (vi) latest news and EH newsletters.

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