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Business-to-Business (B2B) Programme

The B2B Programme aims to develop the private sector in developing countries by supporting the establishment of long-term and mutually committing partnerships between Danish companies and companies in DANIDA’s programme countries and in Egypt and South Africa. B2B Environment is also available in China and Indonesia. By using business linkages as an instrument for economic growth, the B2B Programme seeks to improve living conditions for the people in the selected countries.

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Examples of B2B

B2B Techchange in Ghana: The purpose of the TechChange event is to create a forum that, hopefully, will bring together a wide range of industry players within the fisheries sector from Denmark and Ghana. Tech-

Change is based on the DANIDA B2B Programme, which has the objective of enhancing long-term sustainable partnerships that will contribute to poverty reduction by promoting economic and enterprise growth.

The areas under consideration within the fishery sector are: (i) production of fingerlings (seeds) for fish farms; (ii) cold storage; (ii) aquaculture – feed supply and chemical/drug supply; (iii) nets and other fishing accessories; (iv) capture fishing, specifically tuna. It is expected that the partnerships will provide the Ghanaian fishery sector with an increase in productivity and a boost in the export of fish and seafood.

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