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Export Development in the West Bank: $5.6 million, 2011-2015

Enhancing Trade Capacity (Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia): $9.15 million, 2009-2013

The project aims to improve and expand upon the export development services offered by the Palestine Trade Centre (PalTrade). By collaborating with the International Trade Centre in the provision of technical assistance and training, the project helps meet the trade development needs of Palestinian businesses. In particular, the project supports PalTrade to identify and promote export opportunities and employment generation strategies, advance policy dialogue, and distribute vital trade information amongst businesses in the West Bank.

Canadian Market Access and Trade Capacity Building (Guyana, Ecuador, Haiti, Burkina-Faso, Indonesia): $3 million, 2009 - 2012

The project, managed by the Trade Facilitation Office Canada (TFOC) has two main components:

(i) Canadian market access services for developing country exporters and trade support institutions. These services include trade information, matching exporters with Canadian importers, and a responsive facility to help exporters from selected countries in their efforts to link to the Canadian marketplace;

(ii) Trade capacity-building and linkage services for five partner countries, consisting of a series of trade development projects implemented by TFOC and its local partners (details under Supply Capacity).