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Go North Help Desk

The project, UNIZO International “Go North”, has been funded by the Flemish authorities since 2001, with a budget of approximately €300,000 in 2009, and is implemented by UNIZO. It focuses on SMEs with a growth potential in Mozambique, South Africa and Malawi, setting up a “train the trainer” network to create a transfer of know-how to such entrepreneurs. The project also assists partner countries to identify business partners in Flanders and Europe. The Go North Help Desk project provides tailor-made training in the following areas: communication, acquisition of export knowledge, exchange of experience, knowledge of demand creation, creation of a higher added value, own production facilities, technical company experience, and analysis of target groups. The project also includes the setting up of a website with an import helpdesk which provides a platform where Africa and Flanders can meet each other and exchange trade information.

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Restructuring the central and provincial departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry – Congo

This 2-year project, worth a total of €2.5 million, aims to support the restructuring and operation of the institutions responsible for activities in the agricultural, fishing and animal husbandry sectors. The project’s overall objective is to include Congolese farmers in economic activities through the provision of market information and thus facilitate their access to consumer markets. The project intends to set up a new, decentralised partnership between the public and private sectors by reforming the Ministry of Agriculture − it will give farmers access to tools, information and appropriate technology that will enable them to make their own choices and take their place in civil society.

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Strengthening the Textile Research Institute (TRI) – Vietnam

This projectwas funded by the Belgian Government and the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade and executed jointly by the Belgian Technical Cooperation and the Textile Research Institute of Vietnam. The TRI is one of three research institutes operating under the umbrella of the Vietnam National Textile-Garment Group (VINATEX), under the Ministry of Industry. The Belgian Government contributed €1 million to the project, and the Vietnamese €220,000.The main goal is to strengthen the capacity of the TRI to provide improved services through research and development, transfer of technology, testing, training and information dissemination. The aim is to spearhead the economic growth of the sector with an emphasis on export.

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