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Agriculture Sector Linkages Programme (ASLP) – Pakistan

This programme builds linkages between the agriculture sectors of Australia and Pakistan, and was allocated US$6.55 million by AusAID over a period of 5 years, from 2005 to 2010. It has three components: (i) market linkages; (ii) academic linkages; and (iii) agriculture linkages. The priorities in the market linkage components are the fostering of links between commercial bodies and the production of reports of each country’s commercial sectors and market opportunities.

It focuses on horticulture (mango and citrus) and livestock (dairy) enterprises, while at the same time addressing underlying issues of water management and institutional and technical capacity building.

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Linking vegetable farmers with markets in West and Central Java, Indonesia

This project receives funding of US$547,266 from ACIAR, and runs until 2012. Its objective is to improve incomes and promote sustainable livelihoods among vegetable farming households in West and Central Java, Indonesia. It seeks to achieve this by integrating farmers in profitable supply chains and enhancing their capacity to adopt new market-driven technology and innovative practices, and to upgrade the flow of market information and encourage technology adoption and innovation.

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Market Development Facility (MDF) US$13.7 million

Multi-country Market Development Facility has been provided for 2010-2013, to implement market development activities in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Timor Leste.

Private Sector Development Initiative (ADB)

ADB is a demand-based facility assisting Pacific countries in areas such as access to finance, business law reform, State-owned Enterprise reform and public private partnerships. The PSDI has a portfolio of 63 private sector reform projects. Main Donors/Partners: AusAID, ADB. AusAID contribution: $21 million 2006-13.