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Measuring the social investment in youth population

In partnership with UNICEF and Haiti, Argentina developed a methodology to quantify this spending over several years, which has been applied in several Latin American countries. Based on this experience and in the framework of the Technical Cooperation Programme in Economics run by Argentina and Haiti to improve the management capacity of the Haitian government with regard to the country s economy, there arose a project called Public Expenditure Quantification Associated with Childhood. This was run throughout 2009 by the Directorate of Public Expenditure Analysis and Social Programmes of the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of Argentina with support from FO.AR and UNICEF.

The project goal was to strengthen the economic policy tools of the Haitian state, coordinating the work of various Haitian government agencies involved in the process of generation, validation and dissemination of statistics on public spending. Its execution involved officials of the Haitian Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Statistical information

In partnership with JICA and Bolivia, Argentina is generating statistical information for monitoring progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.