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Support to Liberia’s accession to the WTO

As part of Sweden’s development cooperation with Liberia, Sweden has started a long-term capacity building programme in the trade area. The objective of the programme is to provide support, skill and competence for Liberia’s WTO accession and its overall integration of Liberia into the Multilateral Trading System. Liberia is a Least Developed Country (LDC), and Sweden is of the view that trade expansion could serve as an effective tool for achieving the goals of poverty reduction and economic growth. WTO accession would support these goals as opening up the economy would benefit not only Liberia’s exporters and importers, but also the consumers and users of goods and services. Sweden attaches priority to LDC accessions.

Institutional support – National Enquiry Point Ukraine Technical Barriers to Trade

Institutional development within the area of TBT in Ukraine: during 2011, the National Board of Trade and the contact point for WTO/TBT matters in Ukraine developed a project plan and a three year cooperation agreement for institutional development, based on the WTO provisions, meeting the challenges of the FTA with EU.

Capacity Building Moldova

Sweden is preparing institutional support to Moldova in relation to the WTO/TBT agreement, in the longer term aiming to meet the rules and regulations in the DCFTA with the EU. In the end this will develop the capabilities of Moldovan companies to export their products to the market of the European Union and facilitate trade by avoiding unnecessary barriers to trade within EU and internationally. Capacity building started during 2012, and included fact finding, seminars and workshop in Sweden and Moldova within the areas of market surveillance and free movement of goods.

Mentorship programme, Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)

Three year programme targeting seven countries in southern/eastern Africa with the aim of enhancing capacity, leadership and technical know-how within the area of TBT. The programme was carried out 2008-2011 and was phased out in 2012 by activities aiming at institutionalising the knowledge and contribute to regional cooperation with regards to the TBT agreement.

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Training Programme on Rules of Origin

The long-term objective of the Training Programme on Rules of Origin is to strengthen and support developing countries’ capacity to participate in regional and international trade by increasing participants’ skills on of rules of origin and other related areas. During year 2012-2013, the National Board of Trade will organize the fourth Training Programme on Rules of Origin, inviting participants from countries in the Southern part of Africa. The objectives of the programme are to raise awareness and to build capacity in the area of Rules of Origin as well as to facilitate in development and implementation Rules of Origin Change Projects in partner countries. The programme included a 2-weeks training in Stockholm, Sweden, followed by a one week regional training in Cape Town, South Africa after six months.

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