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Productive development of the Argentine Uruguayan River Banks

Support is being given through the Argentine National Industrial Technology Institute to the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay for the period 2012-2013.

  • To date, 12 workshops have been held on management technologies addressing topics related to sales management, effective meetings, economic and financial analysis, company management, process management, productivity and management indicators.
  • There have been 104 instances of advice given and 28 diagnoses in the production units of the region together with local technical experts.
  • Three awareness-raising workshops have been held in the cities of San José and Concordia in Argentina and in Salto in Uruguay.
  • Space for exchange has been generated for all the actors in the workshops.

Strengthening health regulations and regulation of medicines in Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) countries

With WHO and PAHO, this project contributes to the harmonization of drug regulations and strengthening of capacity in terms of infrastructure and human resources to achieve compliance with international rules. Among the topics of interest identified are institutional strengthening, regulatory agencies, combating counterfeit medicines, pharmacovigilance and clinical trials.

Strengthening of the technical capacity of public officials of the Paraguayan Under-Secretariat of State for Taxation

Support was given through the Federal Administration of Public Revenue to the Paraguayan Under-Secretariat of State for Taxation for the period 2011-2012.

The Ministry of Finance is in the process of executing a pilot project for the implementation of fiscal printers. As a result of this project, there is a broader vision and enhanced potential for analysis as regards regulations on international taxation in general.