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GIZ Trade Programme

This programme was established by the BMZ to support development partners’ integration in regional and global trade. It develops new concepts and instruments for AfT and for the mainstreaming of trade-related issues in German development cooperation. It involves the development and systematic dissemination of innovative approaches and tools of trade-related assistance, and comprises specific tools such as the Monterrey Fund for supporting trade projects.

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Economic Partnership Agreement Studies

BMZ and GIZ have commissioned a series of studies on EU African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) in the area of monitoring, services trade, investment, competition, public procurement, intellectual property rights, and social and environmental issues. The studies analyse the implications of EPAs on development and derive conclusions, especially for the African regions. GIZ collaborates closely with the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) in trade policy and EPAs in the ACP countries.

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Support in the area of trade in services

The objective of GIZ activities is to help partner countries develop a better understanding of the economic and social impacts of services liberalization and to form sound national services trade strategies. GIZ offers capacity development to various government units and institutions, the private sector and other stakeholders, and promotes organizational development and public-private dialogue on trade in services.

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