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Business Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund, Ghana

The BUSAC Fund was jointly financed by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), UK-DFID and USAID. The second phase, starting in March 2010, is financed by DANIDA, USAID, and the EU Commission. Originally launched by DANIDA as part of the broader Business Sector Programme Support, BUSAC supports the growth of a competitive private sector in Ghana by improving the business environment. It enables the private sector, as well as trade unions and the media, to influence public policy formulation by supporting: (i) research and the development of evidence-based policy positions; and (ii) advocacy which targets government and other private sector organizations. The

Fund is accessible through a competitive demand-driven mechanism and transparent selection of the best advocacy actions proposed by associations within the private sector.

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Business Advocacy Fund (BAF) Kenya

BAF is a DANIDA-funded programme which supports business member organizations (BMOs) to engage in private-public dialogue and to advocate an improved business environment in Kenya. It is designed to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of Business Membership Organizations (BMOs), in particular to enable them to engage more effectively in policy dialogue with the Government. The Fund provides grants to eligible organizations with a view to: (i) developing their capability to undertake and support the research necessary to engage effectively in advocacy; (ii) developing their capability to carry out advocacy activities; (iii) monitoring and evaluating actions by government which have an impact on the enabling environment; and (iv) creating better public understanding of the role of BMOs in advocating a better business climate.

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Innovative Partnerships for Development (IPD) Programme

The objective of the IPD Programme is to promote better working and living conditions for employees, their families, the local community and society at large by advancing strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) and socially responsible innovation, targeting the population at the base of the pyramid through innovative partnerships in developing countries. Assistance and economic support are given within the framework of the UN’s Global Compact and the Millennium Development Goals.

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