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Support for Geothermal Energy Industry

New Zealand has a long history of geothermal energy development, and the University of Auckland has a track record of training students in geothermal technology and science. This has been primarily delivered through the Geothermal Institute (GI) that was established in 1978 and has provided research and training for the New Zealand and international geothermal industries. It is internationally recognised as one of the premier geothermal training centres. The GI provides a wide array of geothermal offerings including Education and Training; Basic and Applied Research; Commercial Services and Consultancy; Testing and Laboratory Services; and Geophysical Equipment. The UoA also convenes the annual New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, which is the longest running energy conference in New Zealand.

Fairtrade Labelling

The New Zealand Aid Programme provides funding to the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand and the Fairtrade Labelling Association of Australia and New Zealand. Fairtrade activities help farmers and workers in the developing world secure better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade. Fairtrade Labelling raises consumer awareness in New Zealand about fair trade issues, and facilitates the access of Fairtrade-certified products to the New Zealand retail sector.

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