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Support to the EAC integration process

On behalf of BMZ, GIZ has been supporting the regional integration process in East Africa since the reestablishment of East African Community (EAC) began in 1996. The programme involves the provision of advisory services by international and regional experts, training, dialogue and networking, local subsidies for selected national governmental institutions and representative bodies from the private sector and civil society, and a limited supply of materials and equipment. In addition, the programme is providing a financial contribution to the EAC’s Partnership Fund. This fund is being supported by ‘Friends of the EAC’, a network of development partners. The EAC secretariat uses the Fund to acquire support to meet their technical and personnel needs. Cooperation between GIZ and the EAC secretariat focuses on five priority areas: (1) Capacity development and organisational development, (2) Support in implementing the Customs Union Protocol and the Common Market Protocol, (3) Institutionalisation of dialogue between the EAC secretariat and both regional trade associations and civil society organisations, (4) Promotion of harmonising value-added tax and consumer tax in the EAC’s member countries, (5) Strengthening the EAC secretariat in the areas of WTO-TRIPS (trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights) and promotion of the pharmaceutical sector

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