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African Legal Support Facility (technical accompanying measures for African governments when it comes to negotiating contracts with the private sector in infrastructure and extractive sectors)

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New Monitoring Laboratory for the shrimp industry- Madagascar

This is a Project funded by the French Government and implemented by Institute Pasteur de Madagascar (IPM). The project was launched in 2005, and is budgeted for €1.4M. The main objective of the project is to improve competitiveness within the shrimp industry, which is achieved by complying with the strict export regulations, and by reducing the sanitary risks connected to the shrimp farming. The project aims at establishing a high level lab tasked at the regular and continuous monitoring of diseases and sanitary conditions at all levels of shrimp farming. The project focus is to support the shrimp industry by improving the diagnostic capabilities in dealing with diseases associated with shrimp farming. This project will protect the shrimp industry which creates 10,000 jobs and generates 100M € and is a very important industry of the Malagasy economy. Madagascar is one of the thirteen countries benefiting from the Programme de Renforcement des Capacites Commerciales (PRCC).

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“Réseau Normalisation et Francophonie” (RNF: Standardisation and Francophone Network)

Since 2007, AFNOR, the French market leader in quality management and standardization training, has been involved in the “Réseau Normalisation et Francophonie” (RNF), whose mission is to assist developing countries in adopting standards and implementing standardization programmes. Under this programme, the International Technical Cooperation (CTI) works in close coordination with the Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Employment (MINEFE) and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAE) in pursuing its activities, particularly within Central Europe, in the Balkan states, and in North Africa. In 2008 some of the key programmes were: (i) twinning in Tunisia following the signing of a recognition contract with the European Union in the field of the Low Voltage Directive; (ii) twinning in Ukraine in order to reorganize the metrology/ standardization/ quality/ accreditation/ certification system; and (iii) partnership in China with the French Health Products Safety Agency (AFSSAPS) and “France Coopération Internationale” to aid the setting up of a research and analysis laboratory in the field of emergent infectious diseases.

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Provision of experts

France has made available until August 2014 a technical assistant in Antananarivo to be based in the Ministry of land reform and regional planning.