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Trade for Development Centre

In 2009, the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) funded a €65,000 project under its Producer Support Programme, which is implemented by the Trade for Development Centre. The project was organized around: (i) setting up a monitoring system which will be rolled out to three pilot organizations in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, with the objective of obtaining World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Fair Trade certification for these organizations; (ii) providing support for at least 10 member organizations of WFTO-LA (WFTO-Latin America) in establishing self-analysis in the application of the fair trade standards and developing improvement plans; and (iii) obtaining new trade contacts for the partners of WFTO-LA and, by doing so, strengthening them in the field of market development. The project has also provided the WFTO regional office with financial resources to cover operational costs and staff costs for market development.

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