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Worldwide technical cooperation

In the area of trade promotion capacity building, UNWTO’s technical assistance covers many areas of contemporary interest and concern to Member States and, inter alia, includes: Formulation and implementation of appropriate marketing and promotional strategies.

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ETC/UNWTO Handbook on E-Marketing for Tourism Destinations

The Handbook on E-Marketing for Tourism Destinations, published jointly by UNWTO and the European Travel Commission (ETC), is the first comprehensive e-marketing handbook for tourism destinations. The 300-page publication is a practical “how to” manual for tourism destination staff at national, regional and city tourism levels, designed to help them improve their e-marketing skills and manage new technologies. It covers all the basics, including website design, search engine optimization, email marketing, social networking, and e-commerce. It provides advice on how to build better content, distribute it, use CRM (customer relations management), succeed with online PR (public relations), support the travel trade on-territory, and get into mobile marketing. Web analytics, online research methods, and performance measurement get full treatment, and new areas, such as digital television, are also covered. The handbook also includes over 30 examples of e-marketing in action. A new updated version will be released in the third quarter 2013.