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Supporting trade strategies and strengthening institutional capacity in trade promotion and investment attraction

The Bank actively supports the development of trade management capabilities at both public and private sector levels. Specific objectives of IDB’s projects include the modernization of mechanisms and institutions to promote foreign trade and support to the internationalization of small and medium-sized firms through the provision of entrepreneurial and other technical or financial assistance.

The main goals are the increase in the volume and diversification of exports. The Bank supports the development of programs aimed at improving export capabilities in developing countries. Several aspects of the problem are tackled through these projects, for example: (i) capacity building and institutional strengthening in trade-related public and private organizations; (ii) identification and implementation of a set of instruments to support the internationalization efforts of small and medium-sized firms, including technical and financial assistance to exporters; (iii) the design and implementation of export strategies of narrow scope (as when a specific sector of production or geographical region is emphasized) or wide scope; and (iv) reengineering export promoting agencies, both at the local level, through more efficient and far reaching organizations, and at the foreign country level, through the design and implementation of antennas in commercial offices abroad that can generate business opportunities for local firms.

In addition, the Bank has concentrated its actions in the services industry, where it has designed and implemented global services promotion programs. These programs include: (a) innovative human capital development initiatives, where companies and universities design together short term, practically-oriented, technical training programs; (b) specialized technical assistance to SMEs in the forms specified above; and (c) interventions to improve the business climate for the industry (this includes the analysis of best international practices and elaboration of regulatory proposals).

By their scope, those types of programs can be regional, national or sub-national, and could be funded by either loans or grants. The subject matter of a project can be the institutional set of public and private trade-related agencies, like the cases in which the primary focus is on the incentives of the trade system, or is directly on the private sector, when production and exports are directly supported by technical and financial assistance (the latter, for example, through co-financing or matching grants).

Suporting SMEs: workshops under the FINPYME Export Plus Jamaica Programme


Rochelle James at JAMPRO

Tel.: (876) 978-7755 ext. 2188


The IDB’s Integration and Trade Sector is collaborating with the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) and Jamaica’s Promotion Corporation (JAMPRO) to deliver technical assistance to exporting SMEs in Jamaica via a series of workshops under the FINPYME Export Plus Jamaica Programme.

The session on “Accessing Benefits Under Trade Agreements” was held on April 18, 2013, in Kingston, Jamaica. This session provided detailed information on bilateral, regional, multilateral, free and preferential trade agreements to which Jamaica is a signatory. The objective is for SMEs to gain knowledge and appreciation of how these agreements can benefit their export business, particularly in terms of market access and market penetration.,8202.html