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ITC supports developing country policymakers to integrate the business sector into the global economy through improved policy effectiveness for export development and trade promotion. The main approaches used are: strategies for export development, increasing private sector involvement in trade policy and enhancing capacity for trade policy formulation.

The private sector in trade policy

ITC’s objective is to bring private sector interests and perspectives into the policy-making process and to promote an effective collaboration between public and private sectors. ITC approaches this work from three angles: business implications of regional integration, organized business participation in public- private dialogue, and LDC accession to the WTO.

To deliver the above, ITC supports the work of decision-makers through the provision of information and training. It facilitates public-private dialogue to obtain sound and sustainable formulation and implementation of trade policies. Information is disseminated through in-country networks made up of public-private stakeholders.

Increasing private-sector confidence in LDCs in the WTO accession process is a key objective of ITC. The organization engages the private sector in this policy process through building awareness of the business implications of accession to the WTO, while ensuring that the private-sector voice makes an important contribution to the negotiations. A marked improvement in private-sector confidence in WTO accession is evident as a result of increased private-sector involvement in the accession processes of Ethiopia, Lao PDR and Samoa.

Increasing capacity for trade policy formulation

In order to engage effectively in the multilateral trading arena, developing countries need to build sustainable capacity for better informed trade policy development. ITC works with local institutions from the private and public sectors to build national capacity in trade policy. For example, the organization is assisting Pakistan in building its capacity for trade policy formulation, in partnership with WIPO and UNIDO. ITC assists local institutions to bridge the gap between public and private sectors in order to establish a more informed platform for trade policy formulation. In addition, this project has enabled a strategic partnership between the key Pakistani institution leading this initiative and the World Trade Institute (WTI) in Bern, Switzerland, ensuring access to global experts in the field of trade policy. As a result, future Pakistani trade policy specialists have access to world-class training in trade policy development.

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