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Economic development of air transport

ICAO’s aim in the area of Economic Development of Air Transport is to exert a leadership role creating a favourable global regulatory environment for the sustainable development of international air transport.

The Organization has developed a comprehensive policy framework and practical guidance for use by States in adapting to the changes in civil aviation and the global environment. ICAO develops and provides the policy and the guidance material in the areas of air transport regulation, aviation infrastructure management, statistics, forecasting and economic analysis. The work in this field also supports the achievement of other ICAO Strategic Objectives, such as in the areas of safety, security and environmental protection.

The services in these fields are provided to:

  • Governments (Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation authorities, Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Tourism);
  • Air transport service operators and providers and trade and tourism associations;
  • Civil aviation professionals, consultants, airlines, airports, air navigation service providers and the travelling public.

The service is provided by:

  • Technical support on an as-required basis;
  • Attendance at meetings conducted by other international organizations;
  • Dissemination of information through publications (documents, manuals and circulars), training courses and meetings (workshops, seminars, symposia, and conferences),
  • Inputs: Meetings (workshops, seminars, symposia, and conferences); panels of experts; individual expertise;
  • Databases access, State surveys, CD-ROMs and printed material.