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Worldwide technical cooperation

In the area of supply capacity, UNWTO’s technical assistance covers many areas of contemporary interest and concern to Member States and, inter alia, includes:

  • Identification and assessment of potential tourism development areas;
  • Establishment of coherent frameworks for long-term sustainable tourism development;
  • Preparation of national and regional tourism development master plans;
  • Development of community – based tourism;
  • Alleviation of poverty through tourism;
  • Development of rural and eco-tourism;
  • Development of human resources for tourism; and
  • Deployment of information technology in tourism.

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ST-EP Initiative

The Sustainable Tourism - Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP) initiative focuses on increasing the contribution of tourism to poverty alleviation and are aimed at improving the capacities of national tourism administrators and local authorities in least developed and developing countries to devise and implement poverty reduction policies, plans and projects, through the development of sustainable forms of tourism.

The portfolio of ST-EP projects under implementation covers a wide range of activities. It includes projects at local level that focus on the training of guides and local hotel employees and on facilitating the involvement of the local people in tourism development around natural and cultural heritage sites; projects at district level focusing on establishing business linkages between poor producers and tourism enterprises in an area; projects at national level that aim to provide business and financial services to small, medium and community-based tourism enterprises; and projects at regional level that focus on the joint marketing of community-based tourism initiatives.

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