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Analysis of public-private partnership for innovation and export development

Through ECLAC’s regional analytical work, policy recommendations, technical assistance and participation in high level events, policy-makers and technical staff from eleven countries have enhanced their knowledge and capacities to identify trade opportunities and develop export strategies with the Asia-Pacific region; representatives from seven regional and subregional integration schemes and development banks improved their awareness and capacities to enhance regional cooperation and integration; and the technical capacity of 38 government officials from 19 countries on trade and climate change and on regional economic relations was strengthened.

Furthermore, ECLAC contributes to the current process of analysis of the different production sectors in Latin America, and of how a public-private partnership could help the process of innovation and export development in the region. It provides information to governments, NGOs, students and other civil society institutions on trade dispute rulings in relation to the WTO, Mercosur, the Andean Community, the Central America Common Market and CARICOM. The service is provided through seminars, workshops and the publication of a book on the subject. Inputs used are interviews with experts, individual and group expertise, training, seminars, workshops, conferences, group discussions and any educational course delivered to a group (on-site or in-house), technical missions, specialized advice, investigations, analysis, diagnostic studies, surveys, expert consultations, etc. The services target governmental bodies, and the export sector.

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