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South-South cooperation (SSC) Country Programmes

South-South cooperation (SSC) is becoming a seamless part of IFAD’s country programming processes, a key dimension of its operating model and an integral part of its core business of investment loans and grants under the Debt Sustainability Framework and research grants.

As a partner in triangular cooperation, IFAD facilitates SSC as part of the country programmes’ knowledge management strategy by integrating knowledge from other developing countries and other regions into programme design;including activities to develop home-grown technology that can readily be transferred and adopted elsewhere; incorporating capacity-building activities that encompass learning opportunities in the context of another developing country; and mobilizing expertise from developing countries and posting national officers in its country offices.

Another aspect of SSC is direct knowledge exchange activities, which are equally an integral part of the country programmes and regional cooperation initiatives, but which feature more as special purpose activities designed in the classic sense of SSC. These have been designed as stand alone, mainly grant-funded, programmes or have grown out of and beyond successful SSC activities in investment programmes.

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