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South-South cooperation (SSC) programmes

The IDB has established South-South cooperation (SSC) programmes with LAC main trading partners such as China and Korea on trade policy, trade facilitation export promotion and investment attraction.

South cooperation (SSC) joint initiative: Inter-American Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank have joined forces to increase South-South Cooperation (SSC) across the Pacific through sharing good development practices and promoting their respective clients’ cooperation at the operational levels in areas such as integration, trade facilitation and customs collaboration, integration corridors, telecommunications for development, inclusive business, and conditional cash transfers and social inclusion. This joint IDB-ADB Program will include a research initiative on understanding urbanization patterns in Asia and Latin America to be published in 2013 and a high level seminar for economic and development policy makers from both regions.

The two regional development banks have decided to undertake this joint initiative to expand their catalyzing role in the exchange of knowledge and best practices between the countries and subregions of LAC and those of developing Asia. This South–South Cooperation will be undertaken through joint capacity-building initiatives and training programs, interregional policy dialogue, expert forums and communities of practice, sharing of best practices, and professional and operational exchanges between countries of the two regions. This partnership will seek to add value to the strategic operations of both banks in the context of their respective general capital increases with a particular emphasis on project identification and design, further catalyzing the transmission of knowledge to client countries.,7000.html