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Trade-related infrastructure projects lending

The World Bank Group (WBG) total transport sector commitments totaled US$5.7 billion in fiscal year 2012, representing 31% of the overall WBG commitments for infrastructure. The overall portfolio for transport has increased significantly in the last few years, doubling since 2003 to US$39 billion of IBRD/IDA net commitments in fiscal year 2012. The transport sector has been rebalancing its portfolio with several transport sub-sectors benefiting from transport operational activities, including urban transport, roads, aviation, ports and railways. Urban Transport is a growing business for the Group with IBRD/IDA financing increasing its share from 10% (US$891 million) in fiscal year 2011 to 21% (US$972 million) in fiscal year 2012. Rural and Inter-Urban Roads remain the largest sub-sector, despite a decline in its share from 61% in fiscal year 2011 to 49% in fiscal year 2012.

The greater importance of cross-sectoral issues in project design and monitoring is also apparent, with environment and climate impact being more systematically addressed; health, social inclusion and accessibility issues being part of many more projects; and the relationship with trade competitiveness strengthened, in particular in operations dealing with ports, air transport, and regional corridors. Specialized investments and advisory work related to export-oriented industrial zones and e-commerce export marketing have also been provided.