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on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Transport and trade facilitation

The objectives are:

  • To improve the performance of transport operators and auxiliary services;
  • To set up the necessary institutional and operational environment for the introduction of multi-modal transport.

Technical assistance is provided for the identification of the required improvements to the physical features of existing transport networks; in proposals for specific actions to make the best use of available trade and transport related assets; and in eliminating, wherever possible, barriers that might increase transaction costs and create unnecessary delays.

Activities in the transport area include the creation of platforms to support the development of efficient transport systems, and assistance in the design of solutions to overcome impediments to trade. Advice and operational support is given in the areas of port management, and the modernization and harmonization of national transport legislation and regulations. In addition, institutional and individual capacity building is provided to help elaborate proposals to improve the efficiency of transit transport operations and transit agreements between landlocked countries and their neighbours.

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Review of Maritime Transport (RMT)

The Review of Maritime Transport is one of UNCTAD´s flagship publications, published annually since 1968. It reports on the worldwide evolution of shipping, ports and multimodal transport related to the major traffics of liquid bulk, dry bulk and containers.

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