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Data on trade flows

The WTO compiles data on trade flows and on trade measures by its members. These are published in its annual publications- World Trade Report and International Trade Statistics. In 2010, the WTO set up the Global Trade-related Technical Assistance Database (GTAD) to follow-up on the discontinued WTO/OECD joint database of trade-related capacity building projects, and to complement the OECD’s existing Creditor Reporting System (CRS) that provides data on trade-related aid, with a view to enhancing inter-agency coordination and coherence in the delivery of TRTA programmes,. The development of this centralized, but forward-looking information tool, aims at facilitating the coordination of efforts, and ensuring the coherence of approaches in programmes for activities delivered in the regions. Ownership of the GTAD includes all partner agencies, so as to ensure shared responsibility, continued cooperation, but also to increase the number of opportunities to advertise this information tool, so as to address the largest possible audience involved in trade-related capacity-building. The GTAD can be found at