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INTRADE – IDB Trade Information Hub

The IDB develops specialized databases, models and tools to monitor and assess the impact that integration and trade have on the region. Specifically, the Bank has developed the INTrade Information System on Trade and Integration, which is the most comprehensive and updated information portal about trade and integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, in particular regarding regional trade agreements. It includes a comprehensive database that provides access to accurate and updated information about trade agreements, and a set of applications that facilitates the understanding, analysis and practical application.

The database is organized by topic and by user. Topics include data covering the legal framework for trade, which contains the full text of the agreements and an indexed searchable database, as well as the text of a number of double taxation agreements; market access provisions, which includes information about preferential tariffs and regulations such as rules of origin and sanitary and phytosanitary provisions; and statistics and indicators with detailed information on trade flows and analysis of patterns and trends.

Tools for accessing and analyzing these data have been developed for business seeking to take advantage of trade agreements to import and export, for government officials preparing for new negotiations, and for policy analysts monitoring trade trends.

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