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Integrated database of trade disputes for Latin America and the Caribbean

The objective is to provide information and disseminate knowledge about the trade dispute systems in which Latin American and Caribbean countries participate to officials of ECLAC member countries, experts, members of the private sector, NGOs, students, and other civil society institutions and interested persons in general.

It provides analysis of the main issues involved in trade disputes of interest to the region, and information on trade disputes rulings in relation to the WTO, Mercosur, the Andean Community, the Central American Common Market, and CARICOM. The service contributes to comparative analysis by allowing different types of searches in relation to trade disputes under different subregional agreements in Latin America and in the WTO.

Inputs used are individual expertise, training, seminars, workshops, conferences, group discussions and any educational course delivered to a group (on-site or in-house), technical missions, expert consultations, specialized advice, investigations, analysis, diagnostic studies, surveys, access to the database and reference guides.

Impact: There has been wide diffusion of the database, through links in other institutions, including the WTO and the World Bank, and it has been highly praised by organizations competent in international trade.

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