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IMO global regulations on safety, security and efficiency of shipping and the prevention of pollution

IMO global regulations on the safety and security of shipping, the prevention of pollution, and liability and compensation for damage, such as pollution caused by ships, provide an indispensable technical framework for vital trade activities related to the carriage of goods and passengers on board commercial vessels.

The enactment of legislation to ensure that this carriage is performed in accordance with adequate safety and anti-pollution standards is essential to trade.

The Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL Convention) was adopted in 1965. Its purpose is to facilitate maritime transport by simplifying and minimizing the formalities, documentary requirements and procedures associated with the arrival, stay and departure of ships engaged on international voyages. It was originally developed to meet growing international concern about excessive documents required for merchant ships.

To ensure that the FAL Convention is effectively implemented, IMO offers, through its Integrated Technical Cooperation Programme (ITCP), technical assistance including field missions and support in drafting domestic maritime legislation as well as national and regional seminars on maritime legislation. The ITCP includes also activities to promote the effective implementation of the FAL Convention.